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Do you only shoot actors?

Nope, we shoot actors, dancers, and performers of all kinds! I also work with business professionals, including real estate agents, producers, (even a few network heads!), corporate workers, etc.


Do you shoot dating profile pictures?

Absolutely! Dating profie pictures are tons of fun! We want to get: A) A great, natural headshot, and B) "Candid-looking" photos of you looking terrific, usually on location. Some options include at the Griffith Observatory, at the park, at a museum, etc.


Do I need a consultation before my shoot?

That's entirely up to you. If it's your first time getting your headshots taken, it could be a good idea. I can give you some pointers beforehand, (see the "tips" page first). This is an investment in your career, and I am here to help you take your career to the next level. If you have any questions or concerns that you'd like advice on before your shoot, call me or shoot me an email. (Email is usually the best way to reach me, as I'm usually shooting during the day.)

If you have representation, please make sure the two of you are on the same page about the characters and shows that you should be going out for before you prepare for your shoot.


Will you pick out my clothes during our shoot?

Two options:

1) Yes, of course I'm happy to offer my advice on outfits when you arrive! Please bring options, (but try not to bring your entire closet... usually bringing a couple of back-up choices is helpful). See the "tips" page for advice when choosing outfits. I have a lot of experience shooting and usually knows what works for casting, but please note that my opinions are just my opinions, and ultimately the decision is yours.

2) I also offer wardrobe/character "Intensive" consultations!

We'll go over what shows/projects you and your agents see yourself on, what types of characters you'd play on those shows, what the color schemes are on those shows, and then I'll hand-select outfits online for you to go purchase, (at a store that accepts returns for after your shoot;).


Do you offer retouching?

Sure! But please note that it's not included in our session fee.


Do you direct during your shoots?

ABSOLUTELY! People often ask me what I think makes me different from other photographers in this town. I offer heaps of direction throughout our shoot. I refuse to take pictures of fake smiles, forced expresions, or anything less than a full human expresion. Think of this shoot as more of an acting job than a modeling job. Your job is to check in with yourself and take note of what you're feeling. -What right now makes you happy, sad, confused, angry, frustrated, etc. It sometimes helps to write notes down the day before your shoot.

Every single person is nervous before a headshot session. Trust me. I know. It's a stressful thing. I'd think you were crazy if you weren't! All that I ask is that you trust me and let me take you through this journey, and be open to the direction I give you.


Can I bring a guest along with me?

I'm sure your boyfriend or girlfriend or mom and dad are all terrific people. But if they try to direct you, or (in some cases) criticize or poke fun at you while you're in front of the camera, I'm sure that you can see how that could make both of our jobs a little bit more difficult. That being said, if they're awesome and you really want them with you, feel free to bring them along. But-if for whatever reason-you act differently around them, and don't think you'll be able to be completely free and vulnerable with them there, tell them to stay home! ;)


Where can I get my photos printed?

pixelsla.com, argentum.com, modelprinting.com


Refunds, No-shows, and Cancellations, and Rescheduling

I've never been asked for one, and I don't know why we would need to refund our shoot. Unless I, or my camera, spontaneously combust and prevent you from getting your photos...

If you are more than 20 minutes late to your shoot and I have no heard from you, I have to assume that you are a no-show, and you will forfeit your deposit. :/ (But who wouldn't show up to their own headshot session?!)

Deposits are not refundable, and requests to reschedule must be made at least 48 hours before your shoot. Any less, and you will forfeit your deposit and have to pay another deposit for when you want to reschedule... I have to do this, as I'm booking out time for us to shoot, and if I don't have time to contact anyone on my cancellation list, I would lose out on a day of shooting.


How long do shoots last?

A resonable amount of time... usually last about an hour or two, until we get the shots we want.


By booking with me, that means that you agree to this long list of stuff!



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