One approach...


1. Write down four shows that you should be on. (Be realistic.)

2. Watch those shows and write down the colors you see on those shows. Shows have speicifc color schemes. (Disney likes bright colors, Law & Order likes neutrals, etc.)

3. Decided which characters you'd portray on those shows.

4. Think like the show's stylist-What would you wear if you were cast as that character. (Or what would you wear to an audition for that character?)

5. Ask yourself if this look is diverse enough to work for other roles you might be right for.

6. Find those clothes and buy them! (or if you already have them, bring them!)

7. Decide what vibe that character would have, and be prepared to access that emotional vibe during our shoot.


Ideas for character types:

This list is by no means exhaustive, but should guide you through wardrobe selection.

Adult Females: artist/musician, best friend, bimbo, cop, criminal, doctor/nurse, professional, housewife, leading lady, sex goddess, social climber/bitch, teacher/professor, wacky friend​
Adult Males:  artist/musicians, blue-collar worker, computer genius, cop, military guy, creepy weird guy, criminal, thug, dad, doctor/nurse, executive, jock, prankster, leading man, nice guy, player, salesman, slacker, teacher/professor​

Young Females: awkward/gawky, brain, bully, girl-next-door, ingenue, jock, princess, trendsetter, bitch

Young Males: bad boy, boy-next-door, brainy nerd, bully, jock, quirky, trendy, smart-ass

Older Men & Women: codger/senile, empty-nester, grandparent, judge, religious leader

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